Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Blitzen Trapper Video - "Black River Killer"

Portland band Blitzen Trapper's new video for song "Black River Killer" is an impressive one to say the least. Full of nifty cinematic tricks, the video augments quite well the storytelling nature of this song.

Meanwhile, Blitzen Trapper continue to work on their follow-up to 2008's Furr.


Audzzz said...

So cool! Music videos have come a long way! I think the last time I was into them was the late 80s...which I have been thinking about lately with the whole MJ thing...yeah, watched a few music videos then. But, now I am reliant on you to sift through to find me the good ones. Thanks!

chip said...

Nice new layout. I like the "random post" generator. If I stand at a distance and look at all the album art, am I supposed to see something, like Kurt Cobain's face?

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