Friday, January 21, 2011

Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine (aka Sam Beam) has a new album out on January 25th titled, Kiss Each Other Clean.

Here are some of my favorite Iron & Wine songs, along with his new song, "Walking Far From Home".

Iron & Wine - Woman King

Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came

Iron & Wine - The Trapeze Swinger (live at KCRW)

Iron & Wine - Walking Far From Home

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Panda Bear - "Atiba Song"

Here is a sweet video that includes a brand new Panda Bear track, "Atiba Song". This video, shot by Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans, was made to test the new Panasonic Lumix GH2 DSLR.

Shot entirely in Nostalgic Mode with no color grading, this film makes me long for those old days when I never did learn how to skateboard.

ATIBA EVANS Panasonic GH2 Skate from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gorillaz - "Revolving Doors"

When I heard Gorillaz were releasing an album created in its entirety on the Ipad, needless to say I was intrigued.

Here is one of the standout tracks from Gorillaz' new album, The Fall:

Gorillaz - Revolving Doors

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Songs of 2010 - Chasing The Sirens' Favorite 30 Songs

2010 was an epic year and that doesn't even adequately describe it. A ton of great albums of a wide assortment. Picking my Top 20 albums (listed in sidebar to the right) was very tough and there are some omissions no doubt.

Picking my top songs was even more challenging. Nonetheless, I made my obligatory list of favorite songs. Let me know your thoughts on these and anything else I may have missed this year.

1. Deerhunter - Desire Lines

2. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round

3. Arcade Fire - Spawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains

4. Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo

5. Deerhunter - He Would Have Laughed

6. Toro Y Moi - Low Shoulder

7. The War On Drugs - Comin' Through

8. The Walkmen - Stranded

9. The Moondoggies - It's A Shame It's A Pity

10. Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait

11. Girls - Carolina

12. Janelle Monae - Tightrope

13. Wild Nothing - Chinatown

14. Surfer Blood - Anchorage

15. The National - Lemonworld

16. Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow

17. Glasser - Apply

18. The Hold Steady - The Weekenders

19. Futurebirds - Battle For Rome

20. Belle & Sebastian - The Ghost of Rockschool

21. Toro Y Moi - Minors

22. Keep Shelly In Athens - Cremona Memories

23. Reading Rainbow - Wasting Time

24. S. Carey - In The Dirt

25. Freelance Whales - Enzymes

26. Woods - Blood Dries Darker

27. Arcade Fire - Suburban War

28. Lower Dens - Hospice Gates

29. Best Coast - Crazy For You

30. Tennis - Marathon

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Back!!! - December 2010 Mix

I'm back to write about music that is invading my sphere and subsequently, share it with you.

Here is a mix I made on the newly discovered website, Enjoy this mix of new and old folky gems.

Tracklist after the jump:

Back To My Roots (New & Old) - Christmas 2010 Mix
1. Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Bob Dylan
2. Badlands - Bruce Springsteen
3. World Leader Pretend - R.E.M.
4. Down By The Water - The Decemberists
5. Blackbird Through The Dark - Patrick Park
6. For The Summer - Ray LaMontagne
7. Great Rejoicing - Thad Cockrell
8. If The Creek Don't Rise - Dylan LeBlanc
9. Road - Nick Drake
10. Area Code - The Samples
11. Hold It In - Siskiyou
12. Let Go Lightly - Donovan Woods
13. How Long - Dire Straits
14. Carbon Ribs - John Mark McMillan
15. He Set Me Free - Thad Cockrell
16. A Lot of People On My Mind - The Moondoggies
17. My Hometown - Bruce Springsteen
18. When You Coming Home - Widespread Panic
19. Family - Caedmon's Call
20. God of My Fathers - Andrew Peterson
21. Christmas Lights - Coldplay

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chasing The Siren's Best Albums of 2009 (#25-11)

Seriously now people, are we really approaching the close of 2009? Where has this year gone? One thing is sure, 2009 has been a phenomenal year for indie music. From the rise of the chillwave genre (Washed Out, Neon Indian) in the summer to the return of surf rock (Real Estate, The Drums), we will not soon forget this year. Let's move on to my list of the best albums of 2009.

To say the indie scene has changed this year would be a drastic understatement. In 2008, it was all about the mix of indie folk (Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper) and various other spatterings of genres (The Hold Steady, Bon Iver, TVOTR). For me personally, I have dipped deeper into the vast blogiverse and come away with more obscure bands taking on genres both brand new (Chillwave) and re-popularized (lo-fi surf rock). If you have been reading my blog, you will have noticed this shift. All in all, and in my opinion, the indie world circa 2009 was epic and as always, vastly under-appreciated. So here is my top 25 (songs for your listening pleasure included):

25. The Dutchess & The Duke /// Sunset/Sunrise


Funny that I mention a shift away from indie folk and my first album listed is indie folk. Oh well, too bad. These two (Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison) make great 60's style pysch, folk, pop with great melodies
on their second lp. Worth a listen or ten.

mp3: The Dutchess & The Duke - Let It Die

24. David Bazan /// Curse Your Branches

This former frontman and songwriter for Pedro The Lion had a crisis of faith and wrote an album about it. Some really honest lyrics here regarding his beliefs. Oh yeah, the songs are catchy too. I enjoyed his openness and hope he continues on his search. We all have doubts and David is not afraid to express them.

mp3: David Bazan - Hard To Be

23. LAKE /// Let's Build A Roof

A late-in-the-year discovery for this band which released their second album in October. Another great Portland band who generate laid-back lo-fi grooves, and are somewhat reminiscent of Baltimore band Beach House. These songs will sink their teeth into you with repeated listens.

mp3: LAKE - Madagascar

22. Why? /// Eskimo Snow

Lead singer Yoni Wolf shifts the focus of this album more towards indie rock and away from the indie rap. Why?'s last album received much critical acclaim. However, this album was largely ignored. Not sure why. Maybe his stream of consciousness lyrics are wearing thin. I enjoy this band, especially when I am looking for something outside the typical.

mp3: Why? - This Blackest Purse

21. Woods /// Songs of Shame

One of my first favorite albums of 2009. An excellent campfire folk, lo-fi band who created a slightly less experimental and a bit more accessible 3rd record with Songs of Shame. Look for even greater stuff from this band in the future.

mp3: Woods - Rain On

20. Neon Indian /// Psychic Chasms

The first of the Chillwave bands to crack my list. As with the others, Neon Indian construct nostalgia-inducing, 80's-sounding, electronic ear candy. Expect emerging artists as this fast-rising, unique and brand new genre continues to gain momentum.

mp3: Neon Indian - 6699 (I don't know if you know)

19. A.A. Bondy /// When The Devil's Loose

This singer-songwriter and former frontman for grunge band Verbena, delivers another solid album with this his second LP. Reminds a lot of early (and much better) Ryan Adams. The songs certainly are growers as repeated listens reveal more and more.

mp3: A.A. Bondy - A Slow Parade

18. The Mantles /// The Mantles

Here is one of my more obscure finds (via the always excellent Gorilla vs Bear blog). Just love the distorted lo-fi guitar sounds on this album. The Mantles' garage band sound is in your face from beginning to end. Highly recommend checking it out. Look forward to more recognition of these guys in years to come in the scene.

mp3: The Mantles - Don't Lie

17. Jj /// Jj n° 2

I find it very difficult to classify the sound of this new Swedish Artist. Often, unclassifiable means originality, and that is always a good thing. All I can say is listen to this artist on a nice set of cans and you will be transported to a different place. Almost like an indie version of Enya. Here is the first cut from their debut album.

mp3: Jj - Things Will Never Be The Same

16. Kurt Vile /// Childish Prodigy

After signing with Matador Records, Kurt Vile provides another superb album. The pure quality of all of Kurt's lo-fi music is amazing. Taking him for granted, this album probably deserves to be higher on my list. As is the case with most on this list, vastly under-appreciated. Did I mention yet that he is an absolute wizard on the guitar? Kurt actually released another album this year too, God Is Saying This To You?, on his former label, Mexican Summer.

mp3: Kurt Vile - Blackberry Song

15. Atlas Sound /// Logos

What more can be said about Bradford Cox? Not only has this guy put out some outstanding albums with Deerhunter, but the same can be said for his side project Atlas Sound. This their second LP, is a bit more straightforward.With that being said, this album is a definite listen-repeat-listen as more and more details make themselves evident by doing such. What's more? Logos features arguably the best song of 2009, "Walkabout", which features Noah Lennox (Panda Bear/Animal Collective). Search my blog for "Walkabout". In the meantime, here is another great song from the album.

mp3: Atlas Sound - Criminals

14. Mountain Man /// Mountain Man (ep)

This Vermont group, comprised of three women, really came out of nowhere this year.  Singing in harmony, sometimes with little or no instrumentation, the sounds emitted are nothing short of beautiful and mesmerizing. Simply amazing to me is the fact that these three just started singing together in early 2009. Look for a full length album in 2010. I anxiously await more from Mountain Man.

mp3: Mountain Man - Animal Tracks

13. Port O'Brien /// Threadbare

Going back to the indie folk thing, here is some great campfire music. Van Pierszalowski and Cambria Goodwin, both of California, met and formed this folk music group. Van's father is actually a commercial fisherman on Kodiak Island in Alaska. Van spends about 3 1/2 months each year working on one of his dad's ships looking for Salmon. Port O'Briens' second LP, Threadbare, is a fantastic journey of acoustic majesty. The combination of Van and Cambria's voice is something that truly separates this folk band from the others. Here is one of the best songs from Threadbare and easily one of my favorite songs of 2009.

mp3: Port O'Brien - Oslo Campfire

12. Phoenix /// Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

This French band continues to churn out phenomenal record after phenomenal record. Their music is so good that I almost take it for granted. With their 4th album, Phoenix once again spin sweet hooks combined with precise production. In an equal world, Phoenix would be much more popular (Coldplay-ish). Even though they will get a lot of 'album of the year' votes for 2009, I am happy that they still remain somewhat under the radar. Get this album if you don't have it already!

mp3: Phoenix - Lisztomania

11. Bibio /// Ambivalence Avenue

 You most likely will not find Bibio on too many year end lists. But for me, Ambivalence Avenue, really stands out as one of the most original albums of 2009. As mentioned in previous posts, Bibio (aka Stephen Wilkinson) creates almost a hybrid genre of folk and electronic music. Combining field recordings and found sounds with electronic instruments and sounds, the ride is a thrill from start to finish. I realize that when you make music that is far off the beaten path, even a little recognition is appreciated.

mp3: Bibio - Jealous of Roses

Thanks for checking out my blog this year and be sure to check back next week for my top 10 albums of 2009!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Surfer Blood - "Swim (To Reach The End)

Continuing with my recent surf theme, the name of this band should strike a chord with my brother Chip. During his last PA rotation in San Diego, Chip's was enjoying a nice break on the left coast. However, after a fall, his surfboard decided it was quitting time and came out of nowhere to split open his head. Needless to say with head wounds, there was much blood.

The band, Surfer Blood, is actually from the right coast, West Palm Beach, Florida. Their first proper album, Astro Coast, is due out on January 19th. They take that 80's sound, which is still gaining momentum amongst indie band these days, and drench it with a fair amount of reverb. This cut is instantly gratifying and I anticipate hearing more from Surfer Blood.

Artist: Surfer Blood
Label: Kanine Records
Style: Surf Rock
Fact: "None of us surf"

Song: Swim(To Reach The End)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ola Podrida - "The Closest We Will Ever Be"

Been slacking again lately my sorryness (like my new word?) to you. In an effort to bring you more posts and hence, more great music, I am going to trim down my posts a bit. Will post the music and let it speak for itself for the most part.

With that being said, here is a song by lo-fi songwriter, Ola Podrida. The more I listen to him, the more I want to hear. His second LP, Belly of the Lion, came out on November 10th.

Artist: Ola Podrida
Label: Western Vinyl
Style:  Lo-Fi Songwriter
Fact:   Real Name is David Wingo and he is actually a film composer.

Song:  The Closest We Will Ever Be

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing"

Mentioned this highly addictive song by The Drums to my brother last night. Since he and my other brother were just catching waves in sunny San Diego, thought it was a perfect time to post it. Oh yeah, did I mention I am jealous that they were surfing without me! At any rate, this song has been catching a good amount of buzz on the blogs. I guess I will add to it.

The Drums are actually from the right coast (brooklyn, NY) and have an excellent EP out titled "Summertime!". Not sure I like saying this but this song, the chorus in particular, reminds me a bit of early Weezer. I think a swell is coming this weekend....Let's Go Surfing!

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Video: Real Estate - "Basement" (Live @ CMJ)

First let me apologize for the lack of any posts in the last few weeks. Lots going on right now, both good and bad. With that being said, let's get back to the music!

Those of you that know me, also know that I have been hyping New Jersey band Real Estate quite a bit. Real Estate create a laid back lo-fi surf sound that really grabs and holds. Their debut album is out on November 17th and is one of my most highly anticipated releases for this year. I have heard a bunch of their songs and have yet to run into one I didn't like. Along with about 1200 other bands, Real Estate were recently in New York for the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival. Here is an excellent video of one of their performances. Before you watch this, realize that this video was created by Ray Concepcion, who has a unique approach. Quite enjoyable I must say. Oh yeah, gotta love the PBR towards the beginning in the background.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner: Real Estate [Part 3 of 14] from Ray ConcepcioƱ on Vimeo.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Local Natives - "Wide Eyes"

The more I hear from California band, Local Natives, the more impressed I am. As you know, I recently touted them and their excellent song "Sun Hands". Their unique brand of indie folk is quite infectious. Here track number one, "Wide Eyes", from their upcoming album Gorilla Manor. Check out the percussion on this song, too cool. Cannot wait to hear the rest of the album which hits on 11/2. Keep a close eye on these guys!

Local Natives - Wide Eyes

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - "The Sound"

If you want a guy to root for, why not Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. This New York (by way of Portland and Eugene, Oregon) singer-songwriter tried his hand at several bands that ultimately failed and with only addiction left at his side, wound up homeless on Coney Island. But for this talented artist, thankfully the story doesn't end there. In 2006, with the help of close friends from bands TV On The Radio and Grizzly Bear, Miles began recording his self-titled debut in his apartment. The album was released to very strong reviews in 2008.

Here is a fitting description of his first album from

The album begins with the demented campfire sing-a-long, “Buriedfed” - a dirge disguised as a rave-up it sets the pace for an album filled with unrepentant confessions and takes the listener through a sardonic narrative, detailing loss, excess, and blurred memories.

Here in the present, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is set to release his follow-up album, Summer of Fear, on Oct. 20th. Amazingly, he is already hinting that he will begin recording album number three very soon.

Here are two songs to check out: "The Sound" from upcoming album Summer of Fear and "Woodfriend" from his self-titled release.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Sound

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Woodfriend

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kurt Vile - "Blackberry Song"

If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I really like Philly native Kurt Vile and his brand of lo-fi goodness. His newest album "Childish Prodigy", and first with Matador Records, will be out in one week. To get you ready for what should be one of the best records of 2009, here is another cut from that album.

Kurt Vile - Blackberry Song

Even better, you can stream "Childish Prodigy" in its entirety HERE.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Washed Out - "Feel It All Around"

At this point, chill-wave band Washed Out has been blogged more times than Barry has been asked about health care. Nonetheless, I will add my post to the mix. Washed Out is actually the recording moniker for Georgia native Ernest Greene, another bedroom composer. Listening to Washed Out literally makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the 80's. Their song "Feel It All Around" conjured up feelings of being about 11 years old, sitting on the enclosed front porch watching "Miami Vice" on my parent's enormous console TV. It must be those drums and synthesizers. Regardless of the feelings, it is one of the best songs of 2009.

Washed Out - "Feel It All Around"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chase This Track: Real Estate - "Beach Comber"

Today is my wonderful wife's birthday (happy bday sweetie!), so I guess it is appropriate that this post is about the band Real Estate since she works in that field. Real Estate is not easy and my wife is amazing in the way she balances a tough job with the boundless duties of a mom. Besides all that, she is an incredible wife. Alright, if my sappiness hasn't already 'chased' you away, we'll move back into the music.

As for this Real Estate, they create music that comes across as effortless and unforced. Real Estate is another perfecter of the fuzzy lo-fi folk (been an unbelievable year for this style) that is taking up more and more real estate space on my Ipod. Real Estate is signed to the excellent Woodist label (Ganglians, Woods) and this immensely talented act releases their debut LP on Nov. 17. Their song "Beach Comber" is outstanding and aptly whets the appetite for the full-length album. Here's hoping my wife enjoys the song too!

Real Estate - Beach Comber