Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome To: Chasing The Sirens

Welcome All My Fellow Indie Music Lovers!!!

As you should have now noticed, I have recently changed the name of this blog to Chasing The Sirens. In an effort to relieve any confusion, I wanted to let you know why I have changed the name of this blog and the inspiration behind 'Chasing The Sirens'.

As early as I can remember, one of my favorite sounds was that of the siren. It sparked in me a want to know what the sirens were for and find the action. I have very distinct memories as a boy of hearing sirens in the distance grow in intensity, multiply, and move ever closer. Ask my mom about this and she will tell you the same she was just like me! With my Radio Shack plug-in scanner by my side, I would listen intently for all the details of this emergency call.

But it did not stop there. In my mind, the logical next step was to find the action or more accurately find the fire. Many times my mom and dad and I (and my brothers) would jump in the car and chase the sirens. I remember driving all over our surrounding neighborhoods doing just this. One expression often heard in these moments was "I think I smell smoke!" Although many times we came up empty in our search, I have vivid recollections of chasing the sirens and finding fires. On one particular New Year's Eve, our neighbor's house caught on fire when a log rolled off their basement fireplace. Not even the shin-high snow nor the sub-zero temperatures could keep us from chasing across the big field that separated the houses. We would not be denied all the particulars of this unexpected incident.

So now, as a 30-something adult, I still love 'chasing the sirens'. In many ways, my love for music (specifically indie music) leads to similar encounters. A great song is heard and immediately the chase is on to know more about the song, the band, the style, etc. I don't stop until I 'Find the Fire'. I want and need to know all the particulars of great music that is so unknown to the majority of people.

So there it is...Chasing The Sirens.

My hope is that after visiting my blog you will be onto your own 'chase' after hearing some really great and under-appreciated music.

Thanks for stopping by!



Kevin, Kari and kids... said...

I was looking over my FB profile and wondered why I had become of fan of 'Do Indie Music with the Du's' so I decided to check it out further. After reading a little on this blog, I realized how little I knew! I'll have to check out some of your picks in a little bit when I have more time. Thanks for posting...Kari Richards

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