Friday, September 18, 2009

Du's Cut of the Day - Sunnybrook - "Waving Hands"

Continuing with music that kindles nostalgia and longing, here is a track from Denton, Texas artist Sunnybrook. Listen to the song and tell me if it doesn't quickly hook you with its acoustic guitar picking, layered harmonies, and those handclaps. Sunnybrook's debut album on Lefse Records will be out in the Spring of 2010. Sunnybrook's sound has been compared to...Any guesses???

Sunnybrook - Waving Hands


Audzzz said...

Really liked this one. Hope it makes the mix. Maybe they are being compared to "Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah"....:)

Du said...

Actually a mix of Sufjan Stevens and Grizzly Bear...And yes, it will definitely make the mix. Definitely one of my favorite songs in rotation right now.

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