Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chase This Track: Real Estate - "Beach Comber"

Today is my wonderful wife's birthday (happy bday sweetie!), so I guess it is appropriate that this post is about the band Real Estate since she works in that field. Real Estate is not easy and my wife is amazing in the way she balances a tough job with the boundless duties of a mom. Besides all that, she is an incredible wife. Alright, if my sappiness hasn't already 'chased' you away, we'll move back into the music.

As for this Real Estate, they create music that comes across as effortless and unforced. Real Estate is another perfecter of the fuzzy lo-fi folk (been an unbelievable year for this style) that is taking up more and more real estate space on my Ipod. Real Estate is signed to the excellent Woodist label (Ganglians, Woods) and this immensely talented act releases their debut LP on Nov. 17. Their song "Beach Comber" is outstanding and aptly whets the appetite for the full-length album. Here's hoping my wife enjoys the song too!

Real Estate - Beach Comber


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