Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Obscurity Observed: Henry Pedro

Today I am starting a new section called Obscurity Observed. My aim in these posts is to reveal songs/artists long since forgotten, 1000's of miles off the radar, or just entirely under-appreciated. One of my thrills in regards to music, is hearing old and yet timeless stuff that is atypical of your run-of-the-mill classic genres.

With that said, I will break in this section with a song from Henry Pedro. I first heard this song on xm radio and it immediately stood out. After searching and searching, I do not know anything about this guy they call Henry. I do know this...Almost immediately, the song sparks memories of finding some unknown artist's record in my parent's cabinet, dropping it onto that old RCA record player, and hearing the scratches as the needle cuts its way across songs that will forever be etched in my mind.

So here is the song, "Midnight Sun" by Henry Pedro:

Henry Pedro - Midnight Sun


Audzzz said...

I really liked it too- LOVE the scratch. Thanks for sharing. :)

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