Thursday, September 17, 2009

Du's Cut of the Day : Revolvers - "Apocalypse Surfin'

Going to post one newly discovered song everyday. These will be cuts that are at the top of my rotation. I won't say much on these songs but will hope to hear your opinions, good or bad.

Unsigned Toronto band, Revolvers, craft a lo-fi Beach Boys sound on this song, "Apocalypse Surfin'. As another summer winds down, savor the warm (or maybe really hot) days with this gem.

Revolvers - Apocalypse Surfin'


CD said...

Everything on this site can be traced back to Neil Young. Now these guys, hailing from Mr. Young's hometown of Toronto are here. I like this mellow tune. Listening to it, I felt like I was bobbing up and down on a raft on a lazy calm sea. Apparently there are some waves coming though, according to the lyrics. These guys are ready.

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