Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weinland - "Sunken Eyes"

When your lead singer has a voice that gets comparisons to Neil Young and a band chemistry that is undeniable, chances are you will get some recognition. Such is the case for Portland, Oregon indie outfit Weinland. Led by John Adam Weinland Shearer, Weinland chart their course through the americana, folk, and alt-country musical landscapes. If you can imagine Neil Young doing his best Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) imitation, you are closely approaching the sound of Weinland. La Lementor was Weinland's first LP and was released in early 2008 to outstanding reviews. Their second album, Breaks In The Sun, is out now and is also very highly recommended.

Ironically, my brother Chip and his wife Audrey just had the opportunity to catch Weinland live in downtown Portland at the Muddy Boot Organic Festival. Sounds like fun and something my wife would have really enjoyed too (keyword: organic)! Maybe Chip and/or Audrey will let us know more about Weinland's show at the festival.

Here is the exceptional first track from Breaks In The Sun:

Weinland - Sunken Eyes

Finally, here is a video of them playing "God Here I Come" live from their album La Lamentor. I chose this video because it displays both the band chemistry and the humorous side of lead singer Adam Shearer.


Audzzz said...

I have to say, I was less than impressed with Weinland. I didn't not like them- nothing to hate...but nothin that grabbed my interest either. As Chip said before, the front guy is great- hilarious. The girl's voice compliments his well, but she needs to pick up a tambourine or something. She look uncomfortable up there in my opinion. I kept waiting for them to pick up the pace or really get into it, and they just never did. Oh was an evening performance and maybe they were hot and bothered by the sun in their eyes. :)

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