Monday, August 31, 2009

J. Tillman - "Year In The Kingdom"

One of the better singer-songwriters I have discovered in the last year, J. Tillman, also happens to be the drummer for indie favorite, Fleet Foxes. Yet in listening to his solo albums, it becomes quickly evident that songwriter he was first. J. Tillman returns with his fifth album, Year In The Kingdom, due for release in September. In comparing the few new songs I have heard to his last album, Vacilando Territory Blues, the sound has improved and his excellent voice stands out all the more. J. Tillman's music is most appreciated in a quiet setting coming through a nice pair of speakers or headphones. This guy has some talent and will most likely garner some much deserved attention for Year In The Kindgom.

Take a listen to the title track, "Year In The Kingdom":

J. Tillman - Year In The Kingdom


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