Friday, August 28, 2009

Family Portrait - "Mega Secret"

In an effort to find the more obscure in the indie world, I stumbled across another nice lo-fi group. The band is Family Portrait and I admit I don't know very much about them at this point. After scouring the internet, I know that they hail from our Nation's capital and Ridgewood, New Jersey. The Family Portrait frontman is Evan Brody. They are part of the Underwater Peoples Records label, also out of D.C. On their Myspace page, the band describes their sound as: "an underwater sound vessel of rhythm, blues, and community." That is the extent of what I know about Family Portrait. Don't think they have a proper LP at this point...but will be paying close attention for one in the future.

The song is called "Mega Secrets". You can listen to it here:

Family Portrait - Mega Secrets

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