Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Wooden Birds

So I am driving home the other day and I hear this song on SiriXM U. The acoustic rhythm is laid back and the singer has a very subtle but cool voice. The steady beat is in no hurry to get anywhere and I don't mind. Part of the chorus is one of those "oh ohhh-oh ohhhh ohhhhhh" that always seem to get me. Right away this song has me hooked. When it was over I was immediately petitioning my brain to remember the band name. OK, I admit, this happens often for me with new music. But with this song my curiosity was very much rapt and I wanted some more. Here is the more:

The band is The Wooden Birds. They are led by singer-songwriter and former frontman of American Analog Set (aka AmAnSet), Andrew Kenny. The song is "Sugar" from their debut album, Magnolia. From The Wooden Birds website, "The arrangements on Magnolia are more vocal and percussion heavy than anything he's done before." This album is a keeper!

The Wooden Birds - Sugar


Audzzz said...

I really liked the song too. Hopefully this one will go on a 2009 collection. :) Commentary is great, as always- you are a duross- I should have know good writing runs in the family- fun to get a taste of your written voice in this format. Enjoy the weekend!

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