Thursday, November 19, 2009

Surfer Blood - "Swim (To Reach The End)

Continuing with my recent surf theme, the name of this band should strike a chord with my brother Chip. During his last PA rotation in San Diego, Chip's was enjoying a nice break on the left coast. However, after a fall, his surfboard decided it was quitting time and came out of nowhere to split open his head. Needless to say with head wounds, there was much blood.

The band, Surfer Blood, is actually from the right coast, West Palm Beach, Florida. Their first proper album, Astro Coast, is due out on January 19th. They take that 80's sound, which is still gaining momentum amongst indie band these days, and drench it with a fair amount of reverb. This cut is instantly gratifying and I anticipate hearing more from Surfer Blood.

Artist: Surfer Blood
Label: Kanine Records
Style: Surf Rock
Fact: "None of us surf"

Song: Swim(To Reach The End)


CD said...

Surfer Blood is salty! Scariest Album Cover of the Year Award for sure.

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