Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Horse Feathers - "Working Poor"

Horse Feathers, yet another outstanding band from Portland (go figure!), released their second LP House With No Home late last year. As was the case on their debut album Words Are Dead, Horse Feathers excel at the acoustic folk thing. Essentially a string band in their makeup, they "pluck instead of pick and never fiddle, and percussion is limited to the arrhythmic clatter of pots and pans" as one review so aptly described. I've often found myself wishing they would just let loose with some good old Appalachian bluegrass. Yet this plucking delineates their style and distinguishes their music from other acts. As is the case with most music with staying power, the songs of Horse Feathers are an acquired taste and their songs sink in gradually. Horse Feathers has completely sunk in for me and I find myself continually going back for more.

This video is the live version of "Working Poor" and "Curs In The Weeds" from House With No Home.


Hope said...

Love the sound ~ have I heard this band before?

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