Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Questions Inspired By Song (Jason Lytle)

What if you were in a deep hole? What if you could hear the world moving around you but the world could not hear you? What if you sat in this hole and didn’t even try to get out? What if the birds could see you sitting in this hole? If these birds could talk, what would they say to you as you remained in this hole?

Listen to this new song by Jason Lytle (former lead singer of Grandaddy).

Jason Lytle - Birds Encouraged Him

What walls have been built around yourself? Have these walls made you blind and deaf to certain truths about life? Are you alone strong enough and brave enough to scale these walls? What fears and doubts keep you inside this 'man hole'? What glimpses of yourself are you terrified to reveal? What would happen if you finally unveiled it all?

Who is going to raze these walls for you?


Meet the DuRoss's: said...

Oh honey ~ you're getting deep! But, does a mom with 2 kiddos and one on the way have to time to think about this man hole and what walls have been razed and if the birds will talk to me or not, hehehehe! Love the post ~ keep them a coming, you're such a gifted writer.

Your Girl

chip said...

Seriously---the most philosophical blog post since the beginning of the blog era. My previous comments (about Molina) were not meant to be mean. It's just that you are really becoming the true gifted music writer so I figured I could try to challenge you a little! Hah! Keep up the good work, D.

Derek said...
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Derek said...

I appreciate the honesty Chip. Plus, I got my opinion and you gots yours!

Besides, many a popular blog have become that way as people argue back and forth over a post.

I just need more people to follow my blog. Then maybe my posts will start all kinds of comment riots!!

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