Monday, June 22, 2009

The Low Anthem - "To Ohio"

On The Low Anthem's third album, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, this Providence, Rhode Island outfit cover an impressive gamut in terms of both style and instruments. The music is a broad brush of Americana, with harmonious folk songs reminiscent of Fleet Foxes ('To Ohio', 'Charlie Darwin') and Appalachian style stomp songs you might have heard during the Civil War era ('Home I'll Never Be', 'The Horizon Is A Beltway'). Whether the songs are trickling gently or erupting there is no shortage of instruments employed. From banjo to mandolin, tongue drum to Tibetan singing bowl, every device enriches the listening experience. Despite the diversity of the songs, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin has a beautiful flow that is more fully realized with each repeated listen. On Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, this trio that makes up The Low Anthem continues to lay the groundwork for what I expect will be an exceptional future.

Here is one of the best tracks on the album 'To Ohio':

The Low Anthem - To Ohio


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